20/20 Vision


Woke up at 10 this morning, and made plans for the day while eating this tasty breakfast!


I like to write down my goals cause goals not written down are only wishes (as my mom says)

See, this week is exam week and I’ve finished all my exams, so now the rest of the week is off for me! One last semester, and I’m graduating, very exciting 🙂 My exams were physics and chemistry, and well they went alright! I tend to underestimate myself, and I’m hoping that’s the case!

Tomorrow is my grad transitions “interview”. Grad transitions is this mandatory course at my school where we meet like 4 times during the year and discuss the two projects that we must do. One being a large booklet filled with our plans and expenses for the following years after high school, and the other thing is the interview tomorrow.  An example of a question I’ll get tomorrow will be “Where will you be in 4 years?” I mean come on, its not like I have 2020 vision ;). Nah, I’m not worried, talking about myself will be fun.

Overall, it was a slow morning, I

  1. played chess a bit
  2. blogged a bit
  3. relaxed and played with my sister


I headed to the jewellery store with my mom and Julia to buy my girlfriend Avery a gift for her birthday (Jan 30).  I’ll post what I got her on that day 🙂 don’t want her to see it!

Me on the left, then my sister Julia, and then my Mom!!
                                                   Stopped at booster juice 🙂

Super stoked to give it to her. Anyways I headed over to her house after and my mom went out with her mom while I stayed at house with sister and Avery and her brother gage, whose 8!


She made me lunch, perogies! It was great! We didn’t really do much! We just hung out, did dishes, and ate! Sounds boring probably, but sometimes, that’s the most fun thing, just relaxing with your significant other and talking! We then headed back to my place!



It was a great day.. But a terrible night. The night all went downhill right when I walked in the door to my house. Immediately I knew something had gone wrong when I saw my dad’s face. He looked very worried, and he doesn’t get worried often. If you knew him, you’d know that if you see him worried, something very bad has happened. It turns out, my dog got bit by another dog. But my dog isn’t just any old dog, and this other dog wasn’t normal either.

Picture a lion versus a mouse, and that’s the comparison between the dogs. Sadly, my dog is the mouse. However he has the personality of a lion, and honestly sometimes I think he thinks he is one! He is barely 5lb, and is a Yorkshire terrier named Joey. The other dog is a great big German Shepard. So I walked in and fortunately he only got bitten once. There is a decent amount of blood pouring out of his leg, and he is in the kitchen sink.  There is a huge gash on his leg and you can see all bone, and then there was a small amount of bleeding coming from his abdomen but looked like nothing cause he has such long hair! I was very sad, but I know my dog is a trooper so wasn’t too worried! He didn’t even cry, and could walk fine!!! Only cried a bit when you touched his skinless huge gash. So we took him to the vet, and he seemed pretty chipper.

Me and my dad went while my girlfriend and sister stayed home. We got to the vet and they decided surgery that night was the best call, and that they were going to put him under for it. They had to wait for a tech to come and I felt like they wanted us to leave so we did and were told we would pick him up in the morning and he would be fine….I’m the type of guy, that when thinks go bad, Ill be the one who’s positive, and wont worry cause that wont help anything, so as usual, I was fine. I even thought, hey maybe this  will teach him a lesson to not bug other dogs so much!!, Maybe this was good for him, I hoped… Then things got really really bad very fast when my mom got home. But before I get into the terrible details, I should mention that before my mom got home, Avery and I worked out, and I ran half my goal (5km), but also did 50 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats!



I had troubles finding a picture of Joey but this dog looks exactly like him 😦

So my mom came home and was freaking out when she found out about the dog. She had a very bad feeling, which scared me, but I shook it off. She called the vet immediately and found out that the small abdomen gash which I didn’t bother telling her (cause I thought it was nothing and didn’t want to stress her out more) was a big problem. It went deep into his abdomen and there is a good chance the surgery wont be worth the trouble cause it will just get infected and wont heal. I tried to keep strong, but after hearing that, and then remembering just hours ago going nose to nose with him, and him kissing me, I broke down. Thankfully Avery was there to console me. I don’t know what ill do if I lose him, he means so so much to me. Pray for him, or send good wishes. We pick him up in the morning, and tomorrow could very well be the last time I see my dog. Anyways, Im done talking about this, it gets me too emotional. I’m calling it an end for today. Will blog again shortly,

Feedback is greatly appreciated, good night all

Quote of the blog: If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation


2 thoughts on “20/20 Vision

  1. Love this Ry, and although I agree your day took an ugly turn, it is great to share in your life. Thinking of little Joey and sending him happy wishes xo


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