Woke up at 9 by my dad. Told him to wake me because I know if he didn’t, I’d be out past noon. Last night’s blog kept me up. Wished my dad a happy birthday and soon we were out of the door, headed to the great Denny’s for a free breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, diabetes here we come! What do the New York Yankees and pancakes have in common?
They both need a good batter! 12591843_1208104095871163_725170197_oWe then headed to the pool. As a new lifeguard, I headed into the staff change room for first time. The whole lifeguarding thing is really starting to feel real now! Free admission for me. We played for about an hour, in the river, hot tub. If Julia could stay in all day, she would have. Sometimes, I check to make sure she doesn’t only have one leg! I haven’t gone to the pool for fun in over 2 years and wasn’t looking forward to it. See, I have mild eczema, and my skin gets pretty bad after being in the public pools. Lifeguarding was for sure the best job choice for me.. That’s a problem for another time. Julia splashed, jumped, rolled, wow is she ever full of energy.

2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. “It doesn’t matter if you are gonna be dead when the world goes to shit but you could recycle it for the rest of us” Avery
    lol 🙂 It was a grouchy night here!


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