Did you hear about the dog whose whole left side was bit off?


Woke up this morning at 830, and had to rush out the door. Grad meeting: 9:40. All I ate was some Mini Wheats and I was out the door. I tend to get unhealthy when I’m rushing, I oughta prepare meals more! Avery drove me as her interview was at the same time as mine! Showed up and turns out I was 10 minutes late! Interview was at 920 not 940 and same for hers. Bad start. Showed up for the interview with my mini PowerPoint and three pieces of evidence. My half marathon medal, my Lifeguarding certification, and a picture of my Rav 4

 My good ol Rav 4

The interview went good, the man was a nice guy and it went smoothly. Apologized a bunch too him for being late! After the interview, me and Avery headed to her eye doctor where we picked out her glasses! I chose the ones she ended up getting!! Big deal to me, check them out.



Next I was off to theater! For those of who don’t know, I’m in theater and I have been for the last three years of my high school career. I plan to act on the side as a hobby. A career in acting would be very awesome, although the business is tricky. It’s very hard to make it, and is stressful, and my passion isn’t as high as it is for my other friends who have that goal. For me, I’d like my career to help people in a more direct way.

I’ve done Grease, a first date play, and this year our project is Cyrano De BurgerShack. I’m a character named Hot Todd, who basically is a stupid jock type who has no respect for girls. It’s an interesting role to play, although he’s just not my cup of tea. Although I’ve been told the name isn’t too far off ;).

So after that I was off to see my poor dog. My dad, sister, mom and girlfriend all went together to see him as well. So the verdict is good so far. I’m very worried that I will get my hopes up too far, and then it will take a turn for the worst. His abdomen can very easily be infected, and could be right now. And if that’s the case, the fatality rate, is very high. My luck is great in general, but this isn’t something I want to put my luck to the test with. If I lose him, I fear I will place the guilt on myself for not properly shutting all the gates and things. He got out and went into the neighbor’s yard and that’s how he got bit. I need to keep in mind that we have had him for around 6 years now, and never have we ever covered every hole for him to get out. He’s 5 pounds and can’t be kept contained. He loves to roam around the neighborhood, playing and probably annoying a lot of dogs! So needless to say, I will be completely devastated if he doesn’t recover. I will keep you readers updated, as this is helping me through this tough time. Did you hear about the dog whose whole left side was bit off? He’s all right now 😉


Well enough with that depressing stuff for now, the end of my day went well. Avery, me and my mom all went to Tokyo Sushi and got take out to bring home for the rest of the family. Me and Avery then discussed plans for her birthday, as well as me and my dad for his! img_2737

I didn’t get a chance to work out today, but tomorrow I will for sure. It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow, and then Avery’s the day after that.

Goodnight, Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Quote of the blog: “I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” – Audrey Hepburn



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