Making the best day ever

This is yesterday’s blog! January 30th. Enjoy


Woke up at 5:31 to go to Avery’s. Her 18th birthday is today, wow it makes me feel old. I remember hearing about 13 year olds and saying, wow they are so old! Time does fly by fast.

I went back to bed at her place, and we woke up at around 10, talked for an hour and then headed downstairs for breakfast. We have similar tastes so her birthday meals feel like what my birthday meal’s would be!  Her nana and papa came over for breakfast and for the day! We had hash, crepes with strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, caramel sauce and whipped cream!



Rod (Avery’s dad, red shirt) Me, Avery (behind me), Gage (back right corner), Doug (Avery’s Papa, front), Laurie (Avery’s Nana, to the right behind Doug!

We then relaxed on the couch, and then headed to booster juice for a free birthday booster juice! Coco crush. Overall a relaxing day, we finished off a movie, and talked.

Coco Crush



Next was lunch!  Angela (Avery’s mom), was the creator of the breakfast feast, as well as this delicious Ceaser salad!

Best Ceaser salad!


Hopefully the salad will cancel out the crepes! Next, Avery got ready for bowling, while I took a nap. I’ve had minor lung infection for the past few weeks, and it hit me a bit hard today. After my short nap, we decided to try and get the crap out of my lungs using a vibrating massager on the back of my ribs. It caused me to cough, and stuff came out. I felt a lot worse right after, but over time, I began to feel better. Next we headed to bowling!

Avery’s family + Kayla!
A: Avery R: Ryland (me) G: Gage K: Kayla (Avery’s best friend)
Still smiling after that epic loss, she’s a keeper 😉


The picture above is the second game, which I won! The first game was warm up so it didn’t count ;). Twice, I almost got a turkey! Avery, and everyone had a lot of fun! We had nachos, and played 2 games, 4 people per lane! Then, we were off to dinner at earls! I believe like 50% of the day was spent eating!


Earls was great. Little A came, as well as Avery’s nana, papa, mom, dad, granny, brother, and her best friend Kayla!

Little A out front, granny in the back!

I ate vegetarian for the night, and me and Avery split truffle fries, a pecan goat cheese beet salad, and a Bipimbap (rice dish). I think my favorite was the salad, it was pretty unBEETable. It all tasted great though! We then went to her nana’s where we opened presents and had zucchini brownies.

12650507_1209311782417061_1546521234_n (1).jpg
Delicious brownies with ice cream! Made by Angela


She got a bunch of awesome gifts, including a terrible sweater with Justin Trudeau on it.. I know it’s hard to believe she got this sweater, but it’s Tru-deau.


Justin Trudeau sweater

My gift to Avery was a small diamond ring 🙂 My parents got her a ring as well, as the rings are meant to be stacking rings. Its a new thing that Pandora came out with.

The one closet to my hand is my parents gift, and the inner one is mine!


She loved it so much! Her reaction to the gift is the reason I like gift giving so much. She was overjoyed, and couldn’t stop smiling 🙂 Shortly after, we watched an episode of the 100, and then I was on my way home for a late night sleep!

Update on Joey: He came home today! He has a cone on his head so he doesn’t lick things! He’s acting very normal! So glad he’s okay, thanks to everyone who sent good wishes/prayed for him!


Feedback is appreciated!

Quote of the blog: I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you – Roy Croft


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