A relaxing day with friends and the treadmill


Missed it


Today, I woke up at 12pm. Slept in because of a late night last night, and because school is tomorrow so I wanted to get some extra rest in. I ate a blueberry bagel with peanut butter and huckleberry honey for breakfast! Honey is one of my favourite foods, our house has over 8 types! I did various chores throughout the day, cleaning my room, vacuuming, that sort of thing. I decided to run today, and ran after doing chores. I ran 5km, did 50 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, and 25 squats. Going to start running more as I have the goal to run a marathon this summer.

Distance is in miles!


Always like to keep this quote in mind, when my run is slower than usual!


My time wasn’t very good when comparing my best 5km times. That’s because I didn’t push myself hard, as I want to ease myself back into running, and well, I haven’t been running much lately. I then showered, and made a post workout meal! Ate a banana, Santa’s Secret tea, protein shake, and two small popsicles.



I then was off to play billiards with my friends Jong and Niklas. Niklas has been my best friend since grade 5, and Jong has been one of my closest friends since grade 8. On the way there I saw a moose crossing the road! Bad quality picture, first one I’ve seen this year.


I won 5 out of 6 games! One of them I even sweeped them. Fun time, Jong doesn’t play much though, neither does Nik. I play a decent amount at Avery’s, so I had an advantage. Nevertheless, most games came close, and I wouldn’t say I’m much better then them.

Then I headed home for a late dinner. Pasta with butter and parmesan, my favourite!

Tomorrow is first day of my last semester of high school! My core classes are English, and Calculus. I also have theatre, work experience, leadership, peer tutoring, and volunteer groups I am in. Busy, but not nearly as bad as my last semester! Looking forward to school being less stressful, and having a chance to do more things that I enjoy.. Like blogging!

Feedback is greatly appreciated, have a good night

Quote of the blog: A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others – Ayn Rand

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