Last semester of high school – First day


Woke up at 7:20am, showered, got ready, and then made breakfast/lunch. For breakfast, I made myself steel cut oats, with a bit of brown sugar, and a bunch of huckleberries! The package says 5-7 minutes to cook, but it took over 15 for me, so I was almost late for school! I honestly haven’t seen a single advertisement where the times are accurate.

Anyhow, the oats were awesome! A must-try for anyone who wants to have a healthy breakfast that tastes good! (Just go light on the brown sugar). Next, I rushed to school. I swear there was a guy controlling the lights who knew I was late and wanted to piss me off. Nevertheless, I was in class two minutes prior to the bell ringing for my English 12 class. Avery saved me a spot, so all was good. Our teacher is awesome! He must be about 6’4 and sounds like a stand up comedian. I heard he is a hard-marker, but I guess the challenge will be good for my writing skills. Tomorrow, only the second day, and we have a stand up presentation. This should be entertaining!


Here are some amazing photos taken by local photographer Colleen Hutton of the Steller’s Jay which is the “official bird of B.C.”


Amazing pictures! Such high resolution, amazing what cameras can do.

Continuing on with my day! I did some math homework that I was supposed to do over the break during spare, and then had a Student District Advisory Council Meeting. This meeting happens every month, and there are representatives from each school who meet. Two of the representatives of Duchess Park (my school), are myself and Avery! Basically the meeting is to address problems we are aware of at our school, and bring them forward to the people who can make changes happen. They also make us aware of things for us to share at our school that are new and interesting. An example of this came up today. Just this year, there is a new program where high school students can take university/college courses at the university/college while in high school for free! Unfortunately, that does not apply to me or any other grade 12’s who just found out, as it’s too late to register this year. With all the discussion, we get pizza, which is cool (my unhealthy snack of the day)! Also for lunch, I made myself a sandwich with meat and cheese, as well as an apple.

After the meeting was adjourned, it was my second spare, and so I went to the public library to work on more math. Avery has class at the end of the day, so I dropped her off. Once school was finished, I headed to her place for a few hours doing math homework the entire time (She had chores to do, and I needed to get done my math). I really like our relationship, for many reasons. One of them that stuck out today, is that I like how we respect that we have things to get done. This allows us to hang out more, and still keep up with school/chores. Even if I only see her once in the few hours of hanging out, its still a lot better then none, and having her just around is nice! I usually would help her with her chores, but I really needed to get my math done! I left around 5:40pm to head back to my place for dinner.


I came home to an amazing smell of my mom’s pasta sauce. I know I’ll be moving out soon, and having a  life on my own.. And I know for a fact, that, that smell will be one of the many things I’ll miss about living at home. She made a nice salad for dinner, and ravioli with her red sauce. My mother and I are Italians (She’s 50% and I’m 25%), and her red sauce is the best.

12665640_1210119332336306_1598863003_nThis morning I decided I wouldn’t run a second day in a row, just to ease back into running. My goal is to run about 3 times this week, including a 10km run this weekend. After dinner, I did more math, blogged, and played a bit of chess. I then did the dishes, made a new music playlist, and called it a night. A 6:45 start tomorrow as I have theatre Tuesday-Thursday @ 7:30am.

Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know what you thought of it, as feedback is greatly appreciated!

Quote of the blog:

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
― A.A. Milne

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