Positive thinking, Deep Thoughts: Vol 1

This blog will not be about my day, however I will do a small recap of my day at the end. I’m trying something new, and being a lot more personal, hope it’s interesting!

Too many people are waiting for the “good life”. I’m tired of hearing about other people’s complaints and my complaints about life when things can be done to make it better, or when life is great, and all the focus is on the negatives. For the last few years, I’ve heard myself think or say out loud, “In a little bit, it will all be better, life will be relaxing and good”. FEW years!! That’s a lot of time! Yet, I keep saying it, thinking life will become perfect and ill be stress free. I came to the realization a few weeks ago that that is never going to happen, and that is okay. Everyone, well nearly everyone has that quality. They just think, well soon life will get better, soon I’ll have no stresses, soon I’ll go on that trip, soon, soon… They put off their dreams, and happiness. People are in high school, and complain about school, how they can’t wait to be done, and how terrible it is. Next, they either don’t go to school or they do. The people that do have the thought “Soon, it will be done, soon ill be happy, when I’m on top, when I have that job” Next thing you know, your out of school and working full time, and waiting for retirement so you can truly relax and live your dreams. By then, you are older, and a lot of your dreams you cant do the same way anymore. What I’m trying to get out of this, is that I hope none of my readers are like that. I hope you choose to live out your dreams now, to be the person you want to be today, and to be happy with life.

I need to work on that awful quality of mine, and just this realization that I told you, has made me take a huge step into overcoming this habit. I’m a very happy guy, very positive, and have a good life, but I don’t live in the moment as much as I’d like to. I keep looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel, when I need to realize, there is no tunnel, all there is, is light. Everything can be that light, no matter how bad it is, everything can be seen as a positive. The true challenge is perceiving these things as positive. It’s taking those terrible first thoughts that come to your head, and thinking hard about the positive, and embracing the positive when you find it. This will be very hard at first, and the harder the situation is, the harder it will be, however with time, it will get easier. Always hold on to that fact that there is always a positive.

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know.

Quote of the blog: I made up while thinking about writing this

Don’t wait for the good life, the good life is NOW – Ryland Horvat (me)

Recap of my day:

Overall a fairly healthy day for eating, as well as I ran hard today! Ran 5km in 21:41. This is great for me as I have a bad cold, and just started back into running!! I also did 50/50/50 of sit-ups/push-ups/squats. The day at school was pretty bland, presentation went fairly well. I chilled with Niklas after school for a while which was fun! Anyhow, my plan for tomorrow is to journal blog.

Here is an amazing picture of Prince George (the town I live in) which is non edited, and taken by a phone! Credits to Kris Foot who took this, wow amazing!


Feedback is apprecatied, this all came to me quickly, as it was very passionate, and it was something new. That is why especially for this blog, I want feedback!

14 thoughts on “Positive thinking, Deep Thoughts: Vol 1

    1. Thanks a lot! Glad to hear you liked it! Yea, I think if this goes well, that I’ll continue journaling about my days, and on the particular boring days, or days when I’m feeling passionate, I’ll write another volume of this!

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  1. This is truly a positive blog. I can see that you don’t want to be overly serious about things in life, and the best way to do that is to live in the here and now. You seem to have captured that in this post, very well.
    Granted, I have been suffering from a combination of depression and alcoholism for some time, but as I distance myself from it more and more, I’m beginning to realize where I went wrong – I stopped reminding myself what is good about my life. Bad happens, it’s a part of life, but to forget about what’s good, is going to feed the fires of negativity – so, keep positive messages flowing!

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    1. I’m very glad I captured my point! Always remind yourself of the positives! One thing that I haven’t done before but that I heard is an amazing thing to do, is to write down 5 things each morning that you are grateful for in your life. Thanks so much, very glad to hear that you were effected positively by the post.

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  2. Very insightful blog Ry, I really liked it. You have a very easy way of writing that makes it easy to read and absorb the info.
    You are wise beyond your years Ry, an old soul I think. I think this is the universal quest for sure, chasing happiness.Every struggle, every ” bad” thing that happens in your life given time truely does make positive changes in your life if you work through them. I agree with you, it is crazy when we are surrounded by so much that is wonderful and we get lost in the negative. I didn’t start to realize this until much later in my life, you are way ahead of the game. Such a great blog!! Thx a great way to start the day , :).
    The only time you will be stress free is when you are no longer alive!!

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  3. Hey Ryland! It took me a while to get to your post lol. Sorry about that! 😛 I agree with everything you wrote here. I’m also trying to be positive in everything I do and hopefully both you and I could do it continuously. 🙂 I also really love your quote, this 2016 I’m doing just that! Balance is key. Looking forward reading more from you 🙂


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