Two bagels are in a toaster oven…

Woke up at 6:30, as I had theatre. I ate my pre-prepared breakfast – Steel cut oats.

12669325_1211315395550033_1744797158_oI added huckleberries and a bit of brown sugar! I prepped it the night before to make sure I wouldn’t be in a rush this morning. However, I knew that I had more time when I awoke, so I snoozed when I got up. This resulted in me bringing only an apple, and banana for lunch. As I was stressing to get out the door, I forgot to grab gas money! Stressed out, I headed out the door and was two minutes late for class. Not a very big deal, but it was to me. Tardiness is a bad habit of mine! It’s getting a lot better though, last year I was on average probably 5 minutes late to theatre. This year, being late is fairly rare. For my normal classes, I’m never late, but for theatre, he is very relaxed about being a few minutes late, and many people are, which makes me feel less pressured to be on time!

While in theatre, I texted Avery and told her the situation. By the way, I forgot to note that my car was very low on gas, so I didn’t think I would make it home without filling up. I texted her and told her what had happened! She made me a lunch, and brought me gas money, and brought me tea! Wow, I have an amazing girlfriend. She even added meat into the wrap she made me, which she really doesn’t like doing because she is vegetarian. Thank you Avery when you read this.

Theatre went great today. Near the beginning of my theatre career, the idea of singing in front of others made me nervous. Since being in this year of theatre, I don’t think I’d mind having a solo at all now. I know now, the people are very supportive of each other, which is one the many reasons I like theatre. No one makes fun of others, our theatre is a safe space.

English was good today, which took place after theatre. We started the play “12 Angry men”, which so far, is great. I played the character Number 10 (for those of you who have read the play) for act one. An angry man, who just wants people to die. No more about the play though, read it, I’m sure you will enjoy it!

At lunch there was a meeting for “Me to We”. Me to We is a great group of people in my school. Through the group, all of us volunteer in different ways and help raise money for good causes (We just finished raising enough money for a school in Ecuador!). is the website if you want to learn more about all the me to we groups.

Next was math, and then I helped out with the grade 8 drama class for my period 4. After school, I headed to Avery’s and we ate! She had leftover pasta and prepared for me. This post makes it seem like she does everything for me, but in reality today I offered to help her, and she declined because  likes doing it for me! Very thankful. She ate a Aloo matar wrap (an east indian curry wrap), while I ate my pasta.

The last few bites!


I left very early as I had to pick up Julia and take her home. When I got home, I relaxed for a bit, played chess, started this blog, and played with the dogs a bit.

A little update on Joey: He is acting normal, but hates his cone. Joey is still on pain medications but still is acting himself mostly. My little warrior is recovering quickly!

For a late dinner I ate a salad, and half of a bagel.


Two bagels are in a toaster oven and one says “Wow it’s hot in here.”
And the other one said “Oh my gosh a talking bagel!” Credits to Avery

I will be running 5km tomorrow if all goes as planned!

Here are some more amazing photos by Kris Foot in Prince George (the city I live in)

Feedback as always is appreciated. Have a great day! Thanks for the read.

Quote of the blog: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin

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