Why did Frosty the snowman want a divorce?

Short Recap of yesterday:

I had an early start for theatre and ended up getting only around 6 hours of sleep. Last night I had my third orientation for lifeguarding for 5(1/2) hours and got home at 10. At home, I ran 5km and went to bed shortly afterwards! It was a busy and very long day, therefore didn’t get to blogging! I will blog everyday that I can. I enjoy it a lot, so I’m sure I’ll make it happen most days!

My run, took it easy! Distance in miles



I woke up at 730,¬†showered, ate Mini Wheats, and was out the door. Mom packed me lunch which was awesome! For lunch she packed me a meat/cheese sandwich, and pea pod crisps. For english, we had an in class essay! Yesterday we finished reading the play, “12 Angry Men”, which has a great ending! The in class essay was on the play, and was stressful as it was due at the end of the class. I’m glad that’s done with.


For lunch and spare I did math homework/studied for my math quiz (think I aced it! (100%)). After school, I went to work for a few hours then picked up Julia!

Not from today, just a great picture of me and Julia!

We went home, I took a quick catnap, and then went outside to shovel! We got about 5 inches the other night, then it rained so it was a tough shovel! (FYI, raining at this time of year isn’t normal where I’m from, but this winter has been very poor and warm).


Why did Frosty the snowman want a divorce?
Because he thought his wife was a flake!


Avery then came over!! My mom made us Alfredo with peas (ate it so fast forgot to take a picture). We watched an episode of the “100” and relaxed! I never mentioned it in my recap, but yesterday I got an email saying I have an audition tomorrow for a part in a movie that’s coming to town called “Hello Destroyer”. It’s 5 minutes where they give me a script and I read it. Wish me luck, I was very nervous, but I’m starting to relax more. I cant prepare much, so either I get it or I don’t! Avery then went home, and I went to bed!

Photo creds: Susan-Chuck Chin, Beautiful photo!

Feedback is appreciated, thanks for the read!

Quote of the blog: “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one” – Wayne Dyer

3 thoughts on “Why did Frosty the snowman want a divorce?

  1. Good luck at the audition! The director came here today and was so very nice, everyone was. I think you are going to do really well! xo


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