Audition day



I woke up at 9, got dressed, showered, and looked on Google for acting tips! Ate a bagel, and then was out the door for my audition.


Me ready for the audition!


Sat in the chair at the audition place, getting ready, and I start to get nervous! Sat up straight, trying to calm down! The audition was only a meet and greet! No acting or saying lines required, not really sure how it went. I will hear back from him early next week, and let you readers know what he says. Next I was off to go for lunch with Avery, and her parents!


We went to a place called “Zoe’s” and I ordered the turkey sandwich, and a fudge butterscotch bar. The sandwich was great, and the bar was too intense for me, so I ate only half!

I then left, and we parted ways as I had theatre for 3 hours! Theatre went well, our play is really coming together now!

Me and Braedon (one of my good friends in theatre with me!)

Once theatre had finished, I went for a second lunch with another one of my friends Tim! We had pizza… yea today wasn’t a very healthy day for gets worse!

Another very close friend in theatre! He’s a main character in the play

Once we finished lunch, I went to Avery’s for a few hours, where we watched part of a movie, and I helped her make her dinner. She made buffalo cauliflower wings! I have to admit they sounded sketchy, but looked amazing! I sadly had to go before they were done and so I can’t tell you how they taste. 12660320_1213147518700154_1744167617_n


Today was a very busy day, I rushed from Avery’s to go see a movie with my mom. We saw The Finest Hours. I enjoyed the film, thought it was emotional though, which isn’t really my preference for a movie. The fact that is was based on a true story is very interesting, and makes me wonder just how much of it was true. I ate popcorn at the theatres, which was my very unhealthy dinner.

It was nice spending time with my mom! Immediately after, I was invited to billiards by Niklas. Kyle was there too sadly.. Sadly, because he ended up being the one who beat me! The record between the three of us was 2 wins – 2 wins – 3 wins (Kyle). It was a fun night, but I really wasn’t on my game! Kyle, I haven’t mentioned him before. He is one of my very good friends as well, I didn’t capture a picture tonight, but here’s a pic of the 3 of us.

First day of grade 12!

My plan was to run 10km today, but I got home late: 1130. Usually I would suck it up and run, but I really needed sleep as I have my last lifeguarding orientation tomorrow at 10:00 tomorrow for 6 1/2 hours. I will run either tomorrow or Monday, as Monday is family day, so there is no school.

Rainbow park in Prince George! Photo credits to Dennis Webster. Amazing photo.



Thanks for the read, feedback is appreciated.

Insight of the day:

Little children are happy. You know why? It’s because they don’t yet have a file in their minds called “All the things that could go wrong”. So many people have that file, and it is the cause of them not doing many many things! Try something new, face your fears. Live!


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