The Gongshow Phone Call


Recap of yesterday: I woke up at 9am and went to last orientation of lifeguarding! Very happy that’s done with, now onto shadow guarding. Shadow guarding is lifeguarding but you follow around a guard. You get paid fully! Next I went to Avery’s to hang out! My sister was there playing with Gage. Me and Avery looked after them, as well as ate dinner with Angela and Rod (Avery’s mom and dad). We had some awesome nachos! Julia made cookies with Rod, chocolate chip.


Next we watched a movie, and Julia got picked up from Avery’s from my dad! We also watched a TV show with Rod and Angela. The night was a lot of fun!


Today I woke up at 10 for paintball. Avery couldn’t come because she hurt her ankle about 3 weeks past skiing so it hurt too much to kneel. I went with a bunch of friends, including Cole and Jong. Rod came, as well as my dad!


Welts I received in paintball

I had a KD ratio of about 1:1 (kill death ratio). It was fun, need to get out there more, the rush is amazing! Sadly, I didn’t take any photos, but will for sure next time I go out!



Next we went to red robins (me and my dad).

We brought home food for my mom and Julia, and then I helped out with some chores, and decided to call my grandma! Haven’t talked to her in awhile. Decided to make the goal to make it so she is able to access my blogs. She is in an elderly home, and can’t hear very well! She is working on getting a hearing aid. I mumble a bit when I speak, so it’s hard for me to talk to her on my phone at times.

MOMs iphone pics 1583.JPG
Last summer, me Julia and my grandma!


Anyhow, I was determined to figure it out. I knew she would enjoy reading the blogs a lot, just to hear about what’s going on with me. I decided it would be easier to get it figured out if we Face-Time on her iPad. After an hour of trying to explain where the home button is on her iPad, I gave up. Yea she got it as a gift, and never figured it out at all. Turns out, it’s not even an iPad! So for an hour, I was getting so frustrated, and I was the one who and it wrong!  Makes a lot more sense now as to why we couldn’t figure anything out! I haven’t seen what she has, but she said it says Samsung on it. I believe it’s a IPad like Samsung tablet. Tomorrow I will follow up, and see if I can talk to a nurse or someone who knows technology a bit better! It was nice talking to her though. I miss her a lot, and hope to see her soon.

Photo credits to Susan-Chuck Chin



My friends came over after, Niklas and Kyle, and we played Settlers of Catan, NHL, FIFA, and a bunch of video games! I don’t play video games unless friends come over. However. before high school, and grade 8, I used to play a lot of them! Tomorrow I will run, and get back on track!

Thanks for the read, Feedback is appreciated.

Quote of the blog:

Work hard. And have patience. Because no matter who you are, you’re going to get hurt in your career and you have to be patient to get through the injuries – Randy Johnson

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