The Power of the Compliment

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.


6:30 start for me, as I had theatre. Started off the day with Cheerios, left over “Santa’s Secret” Tea, and a banana. Mom made me lunch again! A sandwich, banana, apple, and a few very small cookies!


Singing went great, I got called out today for my pleasant singing! A compliment is always an amazing way to start the day. If you are reading this, I want you to try and compliment at least one person today. A compliment can be the difference between a bad and a good day! For me, it made my morning!

“Receiving a sincere compliment can have a huge impact on your outlook. The message may surprise you, touch your heart, or catapult you forward into a new career path. The most powerful compliment communicates the message, “I value you.”” – Stolen from blogger Diane Gottsman

For English, we read two short stories on our own. Whatever wasn’t read, was homework. I nearly finished the longer short story, and didn’t start the shorter one, so had that for homework. The stories we read were very interesting, and included “Defender of the Faith” and “Lather, and nothing else”. I would recommend these short stories to my readers.


Lunch was taken up by a “Me to We” meeting. I ate my lunch while we discussed helping a man who gives out lunches to those who need it 3 days a week. It was also about getting help handing out pizza at lunch, and sushi. The money from these lunches goes to our “Me to We” fund, which goes towards building schools in poor countries, food packages for local families, and many more great things!

After school, I attended a presentation about “Me to We”. The presentation explained the presenter’s job that she does, which is generally helping out in foreign countries. This is the first meeting of at least 2, so I hope to learn more about her. She gave us a lot of facts, like how just a 5 minute shower takes 100L of water..INSANE! She shared information of basically what other kids have to experience, and how lucky we are. This makes me want to all the more go and help those countries. If we all helped each other, we could all be lucky! Next time, I’ll take notes, so I can share more with you, because she was great!

Immediately after the meeting, I had theatre for 2 hours. Here is our theatre, with most of our actors! The stage is coming together well. That’s coupe, our teacher, in front. He has been my teacher for theatre for all 3 years of my theatre career, and he is great to say the least!

Photo Credits to Story


I came home to yet another great dinner on the table. My favourite dinner..Pasta! And salad.

Sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure I’m not in a dream at a gourmet restaurant!

Once I finished dinner, I did math while watching the game. Canucks won yet again! Very good game, worst second goal by the Canucks I’ve ever seen.. But a goal is a goal thankfully! The shot tipped off two of the opposing team’s players and went in. If you get a chance, check it out for a laugh.

I finished reading my stories for English, blogged, and then called it a night. Tomorrow is another early theatre start. I miss the weekend already!

My plan is to run 5km tomorrow. I forgot to call my grandma until it was too late, I will tomorrow for sure! Feedback is appreciated.

Quote of the blog: I can live for two months on a good complimentMark Twain




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