Day 1: The Warrior Diet

The other day, my friend Niklas asked me “Have you given up on blogging”? And my response, was that no i just had gotten busy! Saturday I had theater for 4 hours, then went to dinner with my mom. Right after dinner I had my first life guarding shift, as a shadow guard (I shadow guard for about 6-8 shifts then go out on my own). Shadow shifting is walking around with another guard. I do everything that I would do if I was guarding, but I have someone who’s very experienced with me. It was very fun! It felt so awesome to wear the red shirt, the whistle, and just to walk around knowing my responsibility. I’ve dreamed of the first day since I was 12 taking my first course. It was everything I hoped of. Anyways, Sunday was Valentine’s Day, so I was very busy with Avery. I plan to make a separate post soon regarding my Valentine’s Day! Today I had a huge math test, and I had no time to study on the weekend, so yesterday was hectic resulting in me not blogging.

Not me!! I’m not allowed legally to post picture with guarding shirt on

What is the warrior diet? It’s a diet where you eat only once a day usually at night. Today was my first day trying it, and I feel great. See, when you aren’t eating, and have an empty stomach, your body goes into “flight or flight” mode. You are supposed to think clearer and be less tired by doing this diet. When you eat, your body digests the food, and enters a relaxed phase in which you will feel tired (not all people, but for me!). When you have a cold, you will likely feel less hungry. This is because your body is using up energy to fight off the “bug”, and doesn’t want to digest food. It’s cleansing your body. Well, when you do this diet, your body will be cleansing your body all throughout the day! Eating your one feast should take place ideally a few hours before you sleep. It is supposed to make you sleep a lot deeper, and more effectively as well. Another huge point is that, your calorie intake shouldn’t change. For that one meal (sometimes 2 meals close together), you feast on food! It is said that it wont slow your metabolism either. Think of the warriors back in the day, during huge battles. Did they randomly stop fighting to eat? No, they battled all day long, and feasted at night. That was the way, and wow they had incredible bodies. Who was the fat ones back in the day? The kings usually, who would stay back and eat all day.

I like change. I have no intention on losing weight, as I don’t weigh much at all. I want to do this because I’ve been very tired all the time it seems recently. I hope that this diet will help with that, and allow me to think clearer. I will try it, and record how I feel. This diet IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! Some people I’m sure wouldn’t benefit from this. I will see how my body reacts. If it reacts well, I will continue, if not I won’t. Today was my first day, and it went well. A huge tip is that most the time you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. Drinking a lot of water is very important in this diet. Today I had a test, and it went great I believe. Honestly, I felt a lot less tired today, and felt more clear minded. It was extreme.. How tired and more foggy minded I felt after feasting. Today for dinner, Avery made me, her nana, papa, Gage, all pasta, beans, and chicken for me, papa, and Gage. (Avery and her nana are vegetarians). I ate a bunch of pasta, a chicken breast, 3 big spoonfuls of beans, a massive sandwich which was meant for lunch (full of meat and cheese), an apple, 4 little salt water taffy candies, 2 leftover huckleberry pancakes from Valentines day with peanut butter, and syrup. Yea, it sure was a feast!

This has been a long blog, so I’ll wrap it up! I haven’t been running, for reasons I’ll explain in the next blog, or one very soon. Today, I hung out with Avery, watched most of the Notebook, as well as did homework. In English, we read two interesting short stories named “The Destructors” and “The lottery”. Both were depressing, and dark stories! The Notebook so far is pretty good I must admit, a bit soppy for me, but it’s well done.I will say more about it tomorrow, once I’ve seen the end.

I hope to blog everyday, but at times, life will come over my blog. My facts about the warrior diet are mostly given to me by my mom’s smart friend Scott, who has done the diet for a while, and enjoys it greatly.

Quote of the blog: To blog = To share, To connect, To create, To inspire


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