Story: Kidnap Me-Intro

The deal was that I was to kidnap the child, who I was promised would not be harmed, in exchange for 1,000 euros. I joined the group two weeks ago, and signed an agreement to follow the charter declaring the rules for the group.

  1. You must say good-bye to your life for 1 year to join. Those who have ever found themselves feeling nostalgia, are not permitted in the group, as no contacting home or friends is allowed.
  2. Every member of their first year must type a journal of their day to be submitted at the end of the day to the warden.
  3. Only elders and wardens can accuse members of wrong doing
  4. No wasting food, not of any sort. Not even the core of an apple; it is still edible, so eat it, or plant it, but do not waste any food.
  5. No baths allowed; showers only.
  6. If you are experiencing a long period of bout from illness or disease, only then may you travel to see a doctor
  7. Never ever constraint the child
  8. Any fussing from members will result in the immediate expulsion from the group.
  9. All money earned must go to the charity you mentioned in the application, minus a bit for personal needs (1/10 earned).
  10. In the studio, no yelling, eating, or drinking fluids other than water is permitted

I joined this group to transform from someone with good intentions, to one who does great deeds.


Nostalgia: the state of being homesick

Bout: a period of time during which someone suffers from something

Feedback is appreciated! Tried out something different, let me know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Story: Kidnap Me-Intro

  1. Interesting begining, plot grabs attention as I had an immediate visceral response to a child being kidnapped against the backdrop of trying to become a better person? I was unsure as to the mixing of rules reguarding group lifestyle and treatment of child.
    Very interesting concept, can’t wait to see where it goes!
    Pic is perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

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