Gong Show


Slept over at Niks last night, as today was a Pro-D day (Day off school). I woke up at 11:55. Was about to go back to bed, when I decided to check phone quickly. Work texted offering a shadow shift! I get excited, then see the time it’s for: 12:00-4:00, dang, there is no way it’s not taken by now I think. I call just in case, and just my luck, no one had taken it! They said it’s fine if I come for 12:30, and my stuff was in my car. “Can you take it ryland” they ask me. Well, that’s a good question actually, one sec I’ll call you back. I got so excited when I saw the shift being offered, that I didn’t even think about anything. I called my dad, and talked to Nik, and it was all good. I called back and let them know, then rushed to the vehicle to see that my stuff is actually not there and its at my house. Me and my friend live 20 minutes away, and the pool is 15 minutes from my house. What a gong show. I call them and tell them what’s up, and they say it’s okay, that 12:45 works, and that if I’m a few minutes late it’s alright. A shadow shift is a shift in which I’m accompanied by a head guard, so it’s not a big deal if you are late or if the time’s are changed. I get to work at 12:45 and start my shift. Part of the time I guarded, and another part I played games with the kids at the pool with another guard. “Fun leaders”, we are called. We played mat bowling, dumped water on kids coming down slide, and played with the rope swing and mats. The kids had a blast, it was fun!

Last night I registered for a badminton tournament that happened today. I registered a bit late, and this morning it was confirmed that I was going, and it started at 5. I was partners with Niklas, as his normal partner (Kyle), had work. This was the first badminton tournament of the year, and it happened before and practices did. It was a just for fun one. Avery is going to join badminton with me and so we will be partners! I’m really excited. Jong plays as well. Practices start next week.

I got off work, and headed back to Nik’s. We quickly ate some chow mien, and I had a couple pastries and we were out the door. I couldn’t eat all at once today because badminton went on till 8:30, so it would have been too tough. We headed to badminton quickly after eating.

Badminton post game loss


Badminton was fun. It got really tiring and a bit boring towards the end, but overall was a good time! Me and Nik didn’t do very well, I think maybe 2 wins, 4 losses? Some very close games though! As singles, we did better, as we both won 4, and lost 2. This is my first year playing, and the only other times I’ve played were in gym class, so I was happy with how I did.

After badminton, we just hung out, and ate pizza.

My dad got home tonight from being in Vancouver, so I went home at around 10:00 from Nik’s. I arrived home, and discussed with my dad some things about Me and Avery’s trip. The phone rang and it was Avery, oh shoot, I forgot to text her I made it home! She was worried, and I could understand as it’s happened to me before. It’s always a great feeling knowing someone really cares about you and worries about you! Avery had talked to my mom seeing if she knew where I was, to Nik to see where I was. Wow, a lot of effort. Thanks Hun for looking out for me! Next I spoke to her on the phone for a bit. She is in Edmonton right now, the purpose of the trip is to pick out her prom dress! I miss her a lot. She found her dress today, but I’m not allowed to see it until prom day. So happy for her, and so excited to see it. She went with her mom and nana. It’s cool because she is legal to drink there as it’s only 18 years of age to drink, so they went to a bar, and had wine testers and things. We are sure growing up fast.

I made myself some dark chocolate tea, lit a candle, and decided to end off the day blogging. I really enjoy recapping my day, it kind of makes it feel complete. I’m going to make conscious effort to blog more consistently now. Tomorrow and the next day I have 8 hour rehearsals, so I’m going to take lots of photos for my blog tomorrow about theatre.

My “Fact or Crap” calendar, my tea, and my tea scented candle!

I like adding the little interesting details in my day. I did that more today, and plan to continue doing that. I think I will start posting the blogs the day after so I can edit them a bit more as well.

I read this article, thought it was great. What I Wish I Knew As A Second Semester High-School Senior. Welcome to the beginning of the end – Elizabeth Bobroske in The List on Feb 22, 2016. http://theodysseyonline.com/villanova/knew-semester-senior/322205

Feedback as always is appreciated, have a great day all.

Quote of the blog:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

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