A day with family and friends 


Woke up at 8:25, showered, grabbed my costumes for the rehearsal and was out the door. Picked up Tim on the way, and made it to rehearsal at just after 9. Rehearsal was great. With all the time together, we as a whole are becoming quite close I feel. I think this relationship will make the play even better! It’s going to be sad when it all ends though, I’ll miss theatre a lot I realized today. I’m sure I will stay in contact with a lot of them after, but never will we have the same connection that we do now entering the week to the show!


I went to Timmy’s at lunch with Tim. I only got a medium black coffee, as I’m staying committed to warrior diet! I won a coffee on the roll up to win. 1/5 now, pretty pumped, first win of the year. For rehearsal, we went over the play a bunch of times, it’s looking better and better each run-through. I took a bunch of photos today, and will tomorrow as well.

Burgershack signs to be put up, a picture with the one and only TIM, a couple pictures of the cast, and a face swap with my friend Julya! I did my first rehearsal with my costrumes on and it was hilarious, I for sure for the part of Hot Todd when I have them on!


After theatre, I went home and discussed me and Avery’s trip a bit more with my dad and made some calls about it! I ate an apple and then we then went to Mr. Sushi, a restaurant by our house. It was great, I got the miso soup, crunchy salmon roll, and spicy salmon roll! I ate a bunch of the spicy salmon before I remembered to take a picture! I would for sure recommend the restaurant if you enjoy sushi!

I came home, and me and my dad watched “Cartel land”. It was a movie about the Mexican Cartel, and how terrible it was, and revolutions that turned bad. I don’t want to give details and ruin the movie, but give it a watch yourself. I thought it was great, and it’s on Netflix. A lot of real footage, kind of a twisted documentary full of different perspectives. Just another movie to show just how good we have it here!

I then began to blog, and just chilled! I decided I should take the dog’s for a walk and tried out my mom’s camera. I think I’ll start using it for blogging photos, as it was really fun, and some photos turned out great!

It was a great short walk, and they and a lot of fun. It was a warm, clear starry night out! I’m going to start taking them on more walks. I ate a few waffles when I got home, and a tea.

Tomorrow Avery will be back. I’m really excited, miss her a lot! Wish her and her nana, mom a safe drive with me!

Quote of the blog:

Ever wonder where you would end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash? – Robert Brault




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