Mid play week

Today is the middle day of play week. We performed Thursday-Saturday and will again tomorrow and Tuesday. The plays are going great. The first night, the crowd was about a bit more than half full, but on Saturday, the crowd was about 75% full. I’m sure that we will be sold out on the final night! My character is getting a lot of laughs, and I haven’t screwed up majorly yet 🙂 Our group is having a blast, and it’s sad to think it’s coming to an end so soon. After the play, we usually have no more theater. I’ve heard things that we might keep it going just for fun, but in past years, our teacher has done that and no one shows up! This is our entire group at Boston Pizza after the Saturday night show! Shout out to Braedon, who is a member of the play and my good friend, happy birthday!(it was on Saturday). We all sang him Happy birthday with crowd when bows were just finished!

A picture of me in Hot Todd costume with Avery!



Today I spent all day at home. I woke up at 11:45, showered, then cleaned office, and played a game of chess. I then started my synthesis English essay on “The lottery” and “Traplines”. I cleaned up my room, made a new music playlist for month, and then finished CD’s for mom’s friend. For this months playlist, I put a lot of music from the artist “Chance the Rapper”! It’s cool to see just how much your style in music changes month to month. After that, it was already around 7, and so I prepped my feast, and my dad helped making hash, and then I ate.

I ate the things above (hash, tea, and cake!), as well as an apple, 4 pieces of deluxe pizza from Boston pizza the other night, and some pea pods! After dinner, I chilled out for a bit, and then finished up my English essay. Talked to my grandma for a little while, and then took dogs for a walk! Took some more photos

Update on Warrior way of living:

Been sticking to it pretty well! On show days Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I ate pretty early (around 4), as the play really got in the way of when I ate. I feel great! I got the flu last week, but it was the day after I had no eaten properly – the one day where I ate lunch at around 12. I like to think that if I had have eaten later, that maybe my body would have fought off the bug and I wouldn’t have gotten sick! Anyways though, the flu only lasted two days. I gave it to Avery, and she is very sick now, I think this is her 5th day having it. I feel very bad for giving it to her, and she barely made it to the show on Saturday! She really liked the show, and is going to come again Tuesday. My parents have already came twice and are coming again the final night! Avery’s nana, papa, and dad came Saturday, an her mom is coming the final night. Plenty of my friends and mom’s friends have came and seen it, and everyone has liked it a lot!

Feedback is appreciated! I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but next week for 17 days I’m going to Europe with a couple teachers and a group of students including Niklas, and Avery! Very excited, and hope to blog some very cool photos, and stories while I’m there.

Quote of the blog

“The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast” – Oscar Wilde

2 thoughts on “Mid play week

  1. the play was great Ry, everyone did such a great job and your character was very funny, you were so good!!
    Love the pics, so happy to see your little dog is doing so well!
    So excited for your guy’s trip, you are going to have an amazing time, I hope you will be able to blog while you are there and share your adventures. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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