Last show night!

What’s up readers?! Today was an amazing, sad, emotional, great day! Here is what I just posted on the Facebook page for our theater class!

Hey, I just wanted to thank you all for being such a great theater class. It is my grad year, as well as a few others, and I don’t think any of us could have asked for a better crew to end our high school theater career. I had a blast, thanks to all of you! We put on an amazing show, and we should all be proud. Everyone I talked to said it was awesome! A special thanks to Coupe of course, as he is the one who pulled all of us together, and made us the great success we were! I will miss you all greatly, and am very excited for the cast party, and whatever else we do as a theater group. You guys turned what was just a theater class, into something that felt like my second family! NO, LET ME FINISH! No, No, I’m done – Hot Todd

Coupe being our amazing teacher, who choreographed the show, and put up with us all every class. “No let me finish”, being the most famous quote I say as “Hot Todd”in the play. Tonight was our last night, as the title gives that away. I took/got from others photos of tonight. I have around a 100, and decided to make a bunch of collages to fit them all!


Marianna (main character in the show, Roxanne), middle top,  Roxanne (make up artist, yea the names got confusing), right top corner. (Me, Tim and Marianna, bottom left), Me and Braeden middle bottom! Top left photo is the burger bar, and the bottom right is the stands which we use in the play for cheering on the fencers.


Storey, DJ in play (one of the main characters), bottom middle, and Kat, Wanda in play (another main), bottom right. Wanda ends up being with Hot Todd in the end of play!


The bottom left is us before the show doing part of our pre-show ritual which was this chant which went like this “The theater is magic, there is magic in the theater, lets do it for us! Lets do it for them! And lets do it for Coupe! Prior to that we would do the cha-cha slide (shown in bottom right corner!). Julya, one of the fencers in dream team (below me and Tim top left).


Top right: Me, Micheal (Pickles in the play, a main character!), Braedon, Tim, and Mary (Dream team fencer). Bottom middle right: Braedon, Julya, and Kael (the male lead in the play, played Cyrano). Bottom left middle: Roxanne!


Top left: Me and Emma (played the surgeon for Cyrano’s nose), bottom middle right: Emma, Marianna, me, and Alyssa (fencer!)


A bunch of group photos!


The last of the photos I wanted to include!

Today I ate before the show, early around 4:00, at Dragon stone with Niklas! I then after the play went to dinner with Avery and Angela! It was a great dinner, and I got the Bento Box with dynamite roll, salmon, edamame beans, and sweet chili chicken. The food was excellent, and it was nice to talk and see Angela and Avery! So excited to go away for over 2 weeks with both my girlfriend, Avery, and my best friend, Niklas.


Going to be stricter with my warrior way of living now that show is over with! Although in Europe, I’m not sure what I will do just yet about eating! I was very excited to write this, and upload the pictures, resulting in a maximum of 6 hours of sleep tonight! Worth it, I enjoyed making this a lot. Feedback is appreciated, I’m very happy to share this great day with you. We recorded the show, I hope to find a way to show it to those bloggers who didn’t see it!

Till next time..

Quote of the Blog

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”
― Henry David Thoreau

4 thoughts on “Last show night!

  1. Your play was wonderful love! Everyone did such a fabulous job and as an audience member I could really sense how bonded you all had become. What a positive way to end your high school theatre experience.

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