The Start to an Epic Trip

I woke up at 10:00am, stayed at Avery’s last night! Mom made an exception due to the occasion of the trip and I helped her pack.


Angela and Rod (Avery’s parents) made an amazing breakfast. Waffles with whipped cream, and berries, as well as hash browns and eggs! All of it tasted excellent.


We showered, got ready for the day and then went to my place to finish the last bit of my packing. Avery is letting me take her laptop, so I can blog easily, I’m very happy about that. Although, it worries me, having the extra bag that is so important. Packed clothes, laptop, small Bluetooth speaker, watch, toiletries, small amount of homework, phone (don’t really know why I brought it, other than to play games I suppose), and a camera to take great photos. I probably ran over all my things I needed in my head at least 10 times, fingers crossed I didn’t forget anything. I cleaned out my car before we left, to make sure no food or dirty things were in there, as I wouldn’t know until I was back. All was good except a very moldy stir stick I used for tea once. Nasty looking. Avery helped a bunch with packing and cleaning my car, huge thanks to her.

pizap.com14579381465031For those of you who don’t know about my trip, me, my best friend (Niklas), and Avery are going with a group of kids from our school, and some teachers to Italy and Greece! Our first flight was tonight to Vancouver. We are staying overnight there, and have a very early (6:00am) start tomorrow. The flight was supposed to leave at 7:00 by was delayed to 7:40, departure to Vancouver. We arrived at the airport at 5:30, so it was a long wait! Earlier in the day… Taking it back to my place… we left all packed, and went together back to her place for a little bit to get her stuff and to say goodbyes to her nana and papa.

pizap.com14579392828301I said goodbye to my dad earlier, and my mom came to airport with Julia to say good bye. Avery’s mom, Niklas’s family, and my mom all waited with us until we went through security around 7. I’m very excited for the trip to come, but it still feels surreal to me that it’s actually happening. My goal is to blog every day, but that’s a hard goal that involves minimal sleep! I’ll try my best as not only do I want to keep readers updated, but also want to remember all the great memories and feelings I’m sure to have.


 First flight ever with Avery and Niklas!! First international trip as well with them. Took some awesome photos of Vancouver as we were landing. We mostly just slept, and listened to music on the flight. Arrived in Vancouver safely, and waited 30 mins, then got a shuttle to the hotel.

pizap.com14579412111742We are staying at the Travel Lodge hotel. The pictures above are of a cool building, a picture of my friend, Scott, who’s on the trip, and me and Avery on the shuttle bus! We arrived at the hotel, and my brother’s dad Lawrence met us there. He came by to give me some money for the trip and say hey! Me and him are very close, and used to see each other all the time when I lived in Vancouver. He is very very kind, and I wish I could see him more. I wasn’t able to go hang out with him, as I wasn’t permitted to, and seeing him was a rush. It was nice seeing him though, and I was very excited that he got to meet Avery!

pizap.com14579419310791Our room at the hotel was all slept in, and had wrappers and things already in there! We talked to front desk and got our room switched. Pizza was for dinner, which wasn’t a choice. We just showed up, and were told that was our dinner. I didn’t mind, however, they got 6 pizzas, and every one of them had meat on it! Poor Avery. I got Lawrence to go to A & W just next door to grab her a salad and me some fries. Very kind of him to do that favour, I hated asking him of it, but didn’t want Avery to go hungry. After that, we hung out and talked for 5 minutes, he gave me money and was on his way. I hope to see him again soon. So, Avery got a ceaser salad which had the dressing on the side. Without thinking, she put the dressing on right away….which had anchovies on it…so she couldn’t eat it! Rough, she didn’t mind too much though, and will have to eat in morning. I feel bad for her, but nothing else I could do. Silly mistake, I ended up eating salad for her, and had pizza. We then headed to our separate rooms. I’m staying with a couple of younger kids in the group, Steven and Braiden, and Niklas of course! Nik stayed up with me till I finished blog, and the other guys (only a year younger) went to bed a bit before us. Prior to them going to bed, we all listened to music through a small speaker I brought and played on phones (except me, I blogged!)

Alright, goodnight all, hope you enjoyed the read, Feedback is appreciated. Very excited for the days to come, and a great start to a great trip!





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