Day 2: Planes, Trains, and Florence!

Day 2: Flights, Florence

Basic Itinerary

Fly to Toronto, Amsterdam, Rome. Train to Florence, Walk along the Arno, dinner, and a long sleep.

We arrived in Rome at 12:10 pm local time**, Was a very long day!


I woke up at 4:30am because we were expected to be down in the lobby at 5:35. It was just Niklas and I who showered in the morning. Showered, and then got ready for day 2! Avery, Niklas, and I all wore the same clothes as we did for the plane ride last night, due to only having worn them for the flight. Niklas and I were first ones down to lobby, and there was breakfast waiting for us with our teacher. A box for each person in the group from the company that does the trip. Basic breakfast, croissant, yogurt, juice box.


Once the group was together, we were off on a shuttle ride back to the airport! We had three flights today, one to Toronto, one to Amsterdam, and one to Rome. We had about an hour wait in the Vancouver Airport in which we explored a bit and grabbed some good food. I say good, relative to the food box, but terrible I bet compared to the food I’ll be having these next couple weeks! Avery and I bought a breakfast wrap, and she grabbed a salad as well. My wrap consisted of chorizo, potatoes, green peppers, jalapenos, and onions. We bought our wraps from a place called “Green Bean Café”, would recommend!


An hour later, we were on the four hour flight to Toronto. On the flight, I was beside Avery, and Niklas was in front of me. For the most part, we slept. For part of the time, I began typing my blog, and read some. Avery and I are picking up reading Game of Thrones, the second book, which we last read in September.



We had a two hour lay-over in Toronto airport. We explored a bit, and I got pizza! Niklas ate a burger and  fries, while Avery got a salad, with bread and eggplant sauce. We all very much enjoyed our food! There must have been at least 5000 I pads in that airport. Anyone could use them to order food, play games, or whatever they wanted! Such a waste of energy, but it was pretty cool.


The next flight was about 6 hours, from Toronto to Amsterdam. I was in the middle seat in the middle column, so didn’t get any exterior photos sadly. There was a TV for every person, where there were free movies, shows, and games! Niklas and I played a lot of Tetris against each other. Most of the time was spent playing games, or sleeping. There was an on plane both dinner and breakfast. The dinner being coleslaw, rubbery chicken, rice, cake, cheese, and a bun. It wasn’t very good, other than cake, and the bun with cheese. The breakfast consisted of orange juice, a muffin, and yogurt. It was very good for plane food!

collage-2016-03-15The flight felt short, and next thing I knew, we were in the Amsterdam airport, staring down just one more flight! We explored a bit, and Avery and I bought some crackers and cheese. Avery and I also bought some maple green tea!  Amazing airport, huge! Interesting seeing alcohol in every general store, and that I’m fairly sure we can legally purchase it. I changed my clothes, shorts, running shoes, and a shirt, for the flight to Rome! In the airport, a pilot approached me, and gave me a funny look because of how I had shorts on and it was only 2 degrees outside of airport. I told him I was heading to Rome, but I should’ve just told him I was Canadian, then he would have understood my attire nevertheless it being 2 degrees out.

collage-2016-03-15 (1)
Chocolate statue, cheese, crackers, more chocolate


The last flight, I had a window seat, but wasn’t beside Niklas nor Avery unfortunately. The flight was a short one relative to the last; approx. 2 hours. I blogged, and uploaded photos from the day, during the flight. I was getting very hyped for Florence! We landed in Rome, and rushed to the train station. I was very excited to finally be in Italy! Quickly, we went on the train, which transferred to another train. The first one I just took photos as it was only 30 minutes. The second one was an hour and a half, so I took photos and slept.

collage-2016-03-15 (2)

collage-2016-03-15 (3)

The train ride felt short, and soon we were out walking to our hotel. “Hotel KRAFT” is the name of our hotel. We checked in, and I had a room with Niklas. Avery was with a couple other girls. Walking the streets of Italy, is so amazing. The buildings that are bland, are still so cool, and have character. We had around 45 min to get into room, and chill. Nik showered, I blogged a bit. We then had the option of walking around a bit before our 6:30 rooftop dinner. I took that offer up, as did Avery. Nik had to do a favour for Josie…who by the way lost her suitcase along with 4 other girls. They all checked the bags, and hey just didn’t come. They all filed missing bags, and I’m sure they will get there bags, but in the mean time, they are stressed, and don’t have their own spare clothes. Our room was great. The bed wasn’t very cozy, but I liked the feel of the room, and the balcony was neat.

collage-2016-03-15 (4)

We walked around the embassy which was guarded by a soldier with an assault rifle. No pictures are allowed to be taken of embassy. We explored around, and went to a church and near a small waterfall. We only went in the church for about a minute because a sacred function was going on. After our short visit at the church, we circled back to the hotel. It was a great little short walk, and heightened my excitement about the trip a bunch!

collage-2016-03-15 (5)

We arrived at the hotel, and had twenty minutes until our reservations for the dinner. It was outside, so me and Niklas went back to room, and I put pants and a jacket on. The view from the rooftop dinner was spectacular, and the sky was amazing.



For dinner, the meals were planned for us. Bread was laid on table, and balsamic vinegar and oil was available to us. The meat eaters then ate lasagna (amazing, ate seconds), then a meat of some sort with lettuce, and mashed potatoes (alright nothing special), and then 3 kinds of gelato ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, amazing!!). The vegetarians ate risotto, quiche, and then gelato ice cream. I tried a bit of Avery’s meal, and it all tasted awesome. The lasagna was one of the best I’ve ever had, and Avery loved the risotto. I took some last photos, then Niklas, Avery and I went back to me and Nik’s room. We hung out a bit, listened to music while I blogged. Avery left, and Niklas went to sleep. I went to bed 30 minutes after he did, the blogging keeping me up due to mostly slow Wi-Fi.


Avery had to wait longer for her first meal, so I took a picture of her hungry, and then after when she had a huge smile on her face because her food had arrived!

Overall, an amazing day, so excited for the days to come. Feedback is appreciated, I hope you enjoyed the read!

5 thoughts on “Day 2: Planes, Trains, and Florence!

  1. Oh I am so thankful you are blogging with such detail! What a lovely trip so far, great start for you all. Florence looks gorgeous 🙂


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