Day 3: Duomo, Bell Tower, Museum, and much more!!

Day 3: Planned Itinery: Breakfast, Walk to Duomo, ascend the dome, visit crypte in Duomo, visit baptistery, admire gates of Paradise, visit the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, go to Piazza del Signoria. Possibly wander to Santa Croce. Lunch. Walk over Ponte Vecchio to the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens. Go to pig market, go and ascend bell tower. Dine at hotel at 8:00, and then chill.

Today, we (Nik and I) woke up at 6:00, because breakfast was scheduled at 7:00. Breakfast was a buffet, filled with bread, eggs, bacon, croissants, desserts, fruit, yogurt, cereal, cheese and meat! I ate bread with honey and butter, strawberry yogurt, apricots, cheese and ham sandwich, and a strong expresso-like coffee.


After our breakfast, we went back to our rooms, and quickly got our day bags packed. I made some maple green tea for Avery and I in our S’wells, and then packed my EF day bag with batteries, and sweatpants. 8:20 we met down at the lobby, ready for the very busy day ahead!


We walked to the Duomo, and I took some photos on the way! This included the Florence Cathedral, the bell tower, and a few other buildings I am unsure the name of! We also took a group photo.


We then went into the Duomo, and ascended the 463 steps! We took some amazing photos of the beautiful scenery at the top. We probably spent at least thirty minutes at the top enjoying the 360 degree panoramic scenery.



We then descended back down again, and on the way, I took pictures of the famous ceiling top of the Duomo!


Once we all descended, we had a little break! We went exploring, and checked out a bunch of places. Bakeries, apple store, Puma store, and some random side streets. We found a wallet tucked into this window on a side street, and it had no money in it, only credit cards. I took the wallet and gave it to Mr. McLeod who gave it to the museum staff. My guess, is that a guy pickpocketed it, took the money and left it! Niklas bought a soccer jersey at the Puma store. I almost bought a really nice black and white rain coat, but it was around 80 euros, and wasn’t worth it! We then headed to the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. The museum was great, and my photos will prove that!



My favourite part is probably seeing the facial expressions of all the figures! Always so different, and interesting! Photographer Avery there 😉 After the museum, we went back to the Duomo, to look around more at the main floor, and then went below into the crypts. I didn’t take many photos of the crypts, because there wasn’t much to see!


Next, we had a lunch break! Zach came with Niklas, Avery and I around to look for a place. We were torn between a few non-tourist filled places (as we know they are cheaper and better usually!), but decided on the on below! I ate homemade thick noodle pasta with Capicolo cheese and fresh ground pepper. Zach got risotto, and Avery and Niklas both got spaghetti with tomato sauce. All of the food was great, and me and Avery split our food! My pasta was one of the best pasta’s I’ve ever had (that’s saying a lot seeing as my mom makes Italian dinners a lot!!). We also had bread with olive oil, and vinegar. By the way, the top right photo is Coke, and water!


We then walked around a bit and made our way to the meeting place: Piazza del Signoria. On our way, we stopped in a cool looking market in which to get out of it, you had to walk through the whole store! We saw some cool street art, and captured some photos in the Piazza including the great Hercules killing Medussa (bottom left photo). What insane timing…. I saw my tour director from last time I did a trip similar to this 2 years ago!! I made sure to take a photo with him (bottom right).


After the short reunion, we decided to cross the Ponte Vecchio to the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens. The bride was so beautiful that it was the only bridge that is left from World War 2. Hitler himself said it was too pretty to take out (They took out bridges for self defense).  There was a gate full of locks from couples! I wish Avery and I had a locker and a marker. I saw this guy on the left, and couldn’t help but take a photo of him. Huge cigar in his hand, fitted suit, and a smug face! We then saw a Rolex store. That watch in the photo is over 10,000$, insane! We then went to the gardens/palace. We explored some, and stayed for around an hour!


Some more photos of the garden! We then all headed to the Pig market, which is full of leather little stores. Niklas, Avery, Zach and I had no interest in that stuff, so we walked around, and went to H & M, as well as a chocolate shop, which had gelato, crepes, waffles, and hot chocolate (homemade, literally just hot chocolate). We got a small gelato, and a small hot chocolate. Our gelato was chocolate hazelnut flavoured I think (didn’t understand flavour, but it tasted and looked great!)


After, we ascended the bell tower, which was another 414 steps. The biggest bell weighs 15,000 pounds!! The bells Both the bell tower and Duomo had sketchy very narrow, steep steps. When one person was going up, and another down, there was no way that they didn’t end up touching each other. Another great view at the top, but it was right beside the Duomo, so I took less photos.


We then walked back to our hotel, just as the sun was going under the horizon. We took a few photos on the way!!



Once we arrived back, we went to our hotel rooms for a bit, and then ate dinner on the rooftop again. This time, we ate inside. It was good! We ate pasta for starters, then chicken/potatoes, and then a cake for dessert! Avery, since she is vegetarian ate a soup, and then fresh tomatoes with mozzarella! We were served sparking water with dinner.


What a great day! I took around 300 photos, deleted around 50, and uploaded just under 200 of them! Hope you enjoyed this blog, feedback is appreciated! I’m really enjoying blogging everyday. It’s a lot of work though, all the photos!


7 thoughts on “Day 3: Duomo, Bell Tower, Museum, and much more!!

  1. What gorgeous photos! Your blog makes me hungry everyday. Love how you include so many details to explain the photos to us far away Canadians 🙂 be safe you three xo


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