Day 6: Collesium, Spanish Steps, and more!

Hey! I got 4 hours of sleep total last night due to being up so late blogging, so tonight I decided to make a blog very quick. I put photos together in collage, the order isn’t 100% correct though, and I plan to say little about the day! Hope you understand.

Breakfast, I ate a croissant and it was good! We then headed to the Spanish steps, and then the people’s square where we had free time. We shopped, than went to lunch and I got pizza which was amazing. Next we went to the coliseum, and explored it, and had a tour of it. It was very awesome! We then visited a few other monuments in the area, like the Forum, and Constantine’s arch. We then had an hour of free time, where we went to Burger King. Dinner was next, and it was pretty good. Pasta, salad, and gelato! Bus ride back, and in the room by 10:30.

Next blog, I plan on it being like the last ones, just wanted a break one night, but still wanted to blog.



Quote of the blog:

“Not all those who wander are lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien


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