Day 7/8 Pompeii, the Infamous Mount Vesuvious, and a Ferry ride!

I woke up at 6:45, showered, put bags on the bus, and ate a quick breakfast. There was no food left, because a big group had just eaten, and the breakfast attendant hadn’t restocked the food. All that was left was some gross looking fruit, some crackers, and bread. I was in a rush, and nothing looked good, I just grabbed crackers and left. I took a few photos, of the room, and the view from one of the windows in the hallway on our floor. By 7:30, everyone was on the bus, and ready to roll. Our final destination for the day was Pompeii, with a stop at the infamous Mount Vesuvius.


I took a few photos on the ride, as well as slept, watched a movie, and listened to music. The movie was named none other than “Pompeii”. It was a high action, dramatic movie. Overall it was good, but very predictable. I’d rate it 6/10, but I’m a hard critique. On the way, we stopped for a snack at a big supermarket type place. Most of us were still very hungry, so it was basically a breakfast. I bought some chips to share with Avery, and a prosciutto and cheese sandwich. She bought a salad, and some assorted chocolates. The next stop was the epic Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that erupted and massacred all of the people of Pompeii.


The bus took us up part of the mountain/volcano, then we hiked the rest of the mountain/volcano. Avery and I stuck together, and kept walking. We lost Niklas and Josie. They both had minor injuries, which made them fairly slow! Avery and I made it to the very top with a swift pace, and noticed no one was around us. We headed back down, and saw some of our group with a guide who was just finishing his talk abou a third of the way down the mountain. Apparently he didn’t say too much, and it was a short session with the guide. The group made their way to the top of the mountain, while Avery and I went all the way back down. On the way down, Avery bought her brother, Gage, a set of rocks, including some little rocks from within the volcano crater. I’m excited to hear about his reaction to them, as he really enjoys cool rocks. We sat at a bench enjoying the heat for about 15 minutes, and then went back to the bus to cool down.
The mountain/volcano itself was remarkable. The view was amazing, and you could see for what appeared to be hundreds of miles. The volcano was very massive, and was steaming from parts. The history of what happened to Pompeii is very cool, and I recommend that you check it out!




Niklas and Josie turned up soon, and the group followed. Not long after they came, we took off to Pompeii. An hour ride later and we were in Pompeii for lunch. I ate pasta, salad, coke, and ice cream. It was all pretty good. The ice cream appeared to be chocolate and vanilla, but it tasted like spiced rum, and eggnog, it was weird. Avery and Niklas got the same as me. As a group, we then had a guided tour of the remnants of Pompeii. Did you know that the city of Pompeii was kind of a party city, and there was tons of brothels. How about that they have an amazing coliseum, and a amphitheatre that is still used today! Elton John and Pink Floyd are playing there this summer. Another cool fact is that all of Pompeii was covered by rock from the volcano, and that it’s only half uncovered to this day! They are slowly bit by bit going to uncover it all, as you could imagine, it costs a lot. I found the tour very interesting. After the tour, we just kept exploring until we had to leave.



With another nearly 2 hour bus ride ahead, Avery, Josie and I grabbed some lemon juice/lemonade from a shack. It was amazing, very sour and lemony. Everywhere, in Italy, that we went we saw orange trees, and in Pompeii we saw both lemon and orange trees. Our destination was the hotel, and the ride there was a pretty one with the sun reflecting against the water, and a pretty view of the city. I took the photos using a few different modes on the camera!



Photo creds to Avery for top left featured image!


We arrived at the hotel for dinner time! Gnocchi which was great, meat, fries, bread and cake! The gnocchi was great. The meat wasn’t very good; too fatty. The fries and bread were pretty good. Avery ate eggplant instead of meat, and it was very good! Due to there being terrible Wi-Fi, I couldn’t blog, and so went to bed early. I was certain that on the ferry for the next day, that I would be able to  blog both days. I hung out with Niklas and Avery for a bit, then called it a night, and they did as well!

Day 8:

I woke up at 5:30, showered, and got ready for the day. Headed down to breakfast, and sat with Niklas, Avery and Zach as usual. I ate cereal, peaches, croissants, and some salami. It was all alright. I took a few photos of the hotel, my food, my room, and then we were on the bus.

pizap.com14586889458241We then had an eight hour bus ride to catch the ferry to Greece! I took a bunch of photos, and then two hours in, we had a rest stop. For the rest stop, I was full so didn’t eat. However there was a foosball table! While Avery got some food, Niklas, Stephen, Braiden, and I all played foosball. Stephen and I were on the same team, and we won by a lot! Avery bought us some Pocky sticks and gum.



Another long bus ride, consisting of sleeping and playing games on phones, and taking a few photos. After what felt like a never ending ride, we arrived at a restaurant for lunch. It was a paid for lunch, and so the lunch was assigned; salad, pasta, chips, and cake. The cake, and salad were both alright. The pasta and chips were awesome! pizap.com14586911120241.jpg

After lunch, there was a short bus ride, and then we were on the ferry exploring the ship! I checked out the Wi-Fi and we had to pay! I would usually never pay, but I was going to just to blog! Sadly, the Wifi was not in service so it wasn’t possible to access the internet


The pool was closed sadly, as it wasn’t the right time of year for it. Dinner was served at around 7:00.  Pasta, burger, fries, an apple, and a bun. It was all not very good, but nevertheless I put it down! We then played cards, Hearts, Asshole, and UNO!


At around 2:00am, everyone went to bed, except Avery and I, who stayed up for a little while longer to play slots for a bit. I wasn’t allowed in because I wasn’t 18, but Avery was and spent about ten minutes playing because it was her first time ever! She put in 5 euros and lost 2 euros 50 cents. She had fun, and I took a few photos of her, then we explored a bit and headed to bed!


 Quote of the blog: “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

Thanks all for the read! I’m going to bed now, it’s 2:30am here! Tomrrow I will post about my day tomorrow, and day today. These two days are the day before yesterday and yesterday. I couldn’t upload my blog, and do the main portion (photos) due to thee lack of Wi-Fi.

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