Day 10: Delphi and Athens!

I woke up at 8:15, showered, got ready for the day, and packed my bags. Avery come to our door, and we all headed down for breakfast with our bags to put on bus. Greek yogurt with honey, cereal, meat, an egg, bread with butter, and a cookie! It was all great, except the meat, which was very salty!


After breakfast, we were on a bus ride to the Delphi Museum! A short bus ride later, and we had arrived. We roamed around the museum, and took some photos! Avery wrote our shared thoughts about the museums, and our names in the tourist book. The museum was small, so in little time we were out and it was time for our scheduled tour of Delphi.



Our tour guide was a lady, who knew her stuff, and was very interesting! Apollo was the first God ever to be punished for a crime, which was killing the python. He was exiled from Olympus, and his godly powers were taken from him for 8 years. He went away from Delphi and was merely a human for that time. After 8 years, he became a god again, and came back to Delphi. He was angered to find out that no one was at Delphi worshipping him. He had expected them to because he slayed the mighty python. So Apollo saw a merchant ship passing by, and so he turned into a dolphin and he pulled the boat to Delphi. Apollo then turned into a little boy with blonde hair, and told the merchants to worship Apollo! The merchants became the first priests of Delphi. Delphi became a sanctuary and people visited from all over the world. Delphi was a peaceful utopia. If tribes were at war, they left it behind when in Delphi, a temporary truce. People from all over came and built great statues of things like representations of winning a battle. People would record the battles they won in writing all over. Delphi was like Facebook or Twitter, it had all the information! Delphi also contained the Oracle at Delphi which had a women who would give advice once a month! I learned all this, and a and a lot more from that amazing tour guide. The history of Delphi amazes me, and I recommended if you have some free time, to do some research your self for fun! Anyways, after the tour, Avery, Niklas, Josie and I walked to the top to see the stadium and capture some amazing pictures! The stadium was used for chariot races and track and field. After some exploring and seeing the stadium, we went back down, and Avery got a slushy!




We then had a short bus ride to a restaurant for lunch! I ate this dish named Mousaka, which was potatoes, eggplant, beef, and a couple other things! It was very good. Avery ate Greek salad and rice. We also all had bread! Overall everyone had a great lunch, and after, Avery and I split ice cream, strawberries, and honey…which was the best thing ever! After lunch, we went to a souvenir shop where Avery and I bought some gifts, which I’ll show you them when they are given!


We then were back on the bus to an olive grove. It is the biggest olive grove on earth they said, with over one million olive trees!! A picnic like table was set up with bread, olives, cheese, and olive oil for us. It all tasted great, Avery and I bought two bottles each as gifts for people! We then had a long bus ride, which I just slept a bit and played games on Avery’s phone with her.

Picture with Dario, our tour director! Avery loved the olives so much, she took some to go ūüôā


Two and a half hours later, and we arrived in Athens at our hotel. We are staying at this place for 2 nights. Dinner was at 7:30, so we had about an hour to kill. So,¬†I started blogging a bit, and played cards with Avery, Niklas and Zach. We played hearts, and Niklas, who just learned the other day, won! I think it was because we were so cruel to eachother (Avery, Zach, and I) that we didn’t focus on Nik enough. Anways, it was still very fun, and after, it was dinner time!


For dinner we ate at a larger table with Mr. Mcleod, Mrs. Evans, Dario, Steph, Emma, and Jordyn. We ate a cooked bell pepper with cheese, buns with butter, a tomato and pepper stuffed with rice, potatoes, and some cake! It was all amazing, except, as you could have probably guessed, the cake.


After dinner, Zach, Nik, Avery, Nicholas, and I all went to the supermarket where we got drinks, and I got batteries and yogurt as well. After, we all hung out in our room (Nicholas, Niklas, Zach, and I), and listened to music and talked. I took a shower, and did laundry by hand because I was running out of clean¬†underwear/socks. I also nicely packed my suitcase just to organize which Avery helped a lot with. I showered at night because I didn’t want to rush my shower in the morning. Avery left, and then everyone went to bed fairly quick, except me. I stayed up blogging! Due to bad Wi-Fi, I was forced to finish it up in the morning.


Thanks for the read!! Feedback is appreciated. We are having an amazing time, I cant wait for today!