Day 9: Travel day with an accidental trip to the beach

Hello everyone and future self, my name is Avery and if you don’t already know, I’m Ryland’s girlfriend. We have had a very busy few days and Ry has been blogging so much that I will be giving him a day off!


This morning I woke up at 8am, the same time breakfast was supposed to start. I quickly dressed and ran over to Ryland room so that we could head up to eat together. We arrived at breakfast and walked past a great looking buffet of hash browns, pancakes, fruit, cereal, scrambled eggs and meat (even though I don’t eat the meat, it’s still a bonus for those who do). Our group breakfast how ever, was a dried out croissant and a boiled egg… Not to mention the watered down orange juice and coffee..
After breakfast we had some time to pack our bags before leaving the ship at 10:30, which ended up being closer to 11:30. During that time Ryland and I showered and packed up and then as I got ready, Ryland began blogging. We docked and went directly to our new bus, started for our destination of Delphi. Three hours later we arrived in … For lunch. A small Greek family restaurant, amazing food awaited us. Ryland and I shared a Greek salad, a tomato and cucumber salad, fries, fried Greek cheese, bread, tzaziki and lemonade! It was amazing, so good that Ryland ordered a second cheese just for himself! After lunch we were back on the bus, with the plan of being in Delphi in two hours.



Around an hour into the bus ride we slowly pulled to the side of the road.. Surprise, surprise our bus broke down! Although for all of the places for the bus to break down, it was very amazing placement. We were right beside a beach over looking over the golf of Corinth. After finding out we were going to be stranded for a while we headed to the beach! We were unable to swim due to the salty water and lack of supplies, although it ended up that we were on the beach to watch the sun set and to be covered by a beautiful full moon! An hour and a half later a new bus arrived to pick us up! Yay!! Another hour later we were hauling our suitcases down the stairs of our hotel in Delphi to our rooms. Around 9:20 pm we all sat down for our first dinner in Greece! Vegetable soup followed by rice and meat for the omnivores and Greek beans for the vegetarians. This dinner tasted great and even Nik, the guy who doesn’t like anything, said this was his favourite meal of the trip! Desert was Greek yogurt with honey, and it was very tasty and fit very nicely considering our location.
After dinner, the games started, the same group of us as last night plus or minus a few played card games such as hearts! After cards, Ryland and I finished up blogging and headed to bed to rest for our day tomorrow! I’m most looking forward to going to the Olive grove, hopefully we will be able to taste some delicious local olives!
Quote of the blog
Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta
I chose this quote because I think it really represents Ryland. He started blogging sort of as a journal, although now, it’s just as much about inspiring others as it is for himself.

6 thoughts on “Day 9: Travel day with an accidental trip to the beach

  1. Thanks for giving Ryland a break Avery but still keeping us filled in on all your adventures. I am really enjoying all the day to day breakdowns of your adventures. I am so glad you, Nik and Josie are getting this opportunity to know each other better. Be safe in Greece.

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