Day 11: Athens, and Dancing!

This is a short blog, with not many details, and mostly photos! Today we woke up, ate breakfast, and then got the bus! We had a guided tour of Athens which was fun, but I was tired so I didn’t pay much attention. We stopped a few times, and I took photos, as well as taking photos on the bus. Avery and I then split lunch, and it was amazing! We then explored as a group and took photos. There was some very cool street art! Next we shopped a bit, and I got a cool hoodie that has my name on it in Ancient Greek. I also got a pair of sunglasses for five euros. We then went to a museum, which was pretty cool, but no photos were allowed to be taken (I took a few anyways). Avery and I bought a Greek mythology book! After the musueum, we had more free time, and then had a surprise! The surprise was that we had a 1.5 hour dance lesson planned for the whole group. We learned around 10 Greek dances, all very simple! It was a lot of fun, and tiring. I wish I could have taken more photos or videotaped it, but I was busy dancing myself. After dancing, Zach, Avery, Niklas, and I all went to a café and played cards for free time. After that, we haded back to hotel for dinner, and then went to the market to buy drinks for the cruise tomorrow. We headed to bed early because of our 5:30 start.

Hope you enjoyed!








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