Don’t be that Person

Don’t be that person

Who doesn’t see the beauty around them

Who says “What’s the point”

Who always waits till the right moment to do things

Who does not smile

Who brags,

Who is not happy

Today is a new day

Buy that thing you have always wanted

Go on that trip you’ve dreamed of

Open that bottle you saved for just the right time

Fake a smile if you must,and then it will become real

Do what you love, not what you do just to support others,

Because great passion in any area , and hard work will lead to success

Savour every moment

Smile at a person today who looks like they need it

Be you, as everyone else is taken

Say please. Say thank you. Say good morning

Apologize for what you know truly is wrong

Be the change that you wish to see in others

Don’t get caught up in stress

It is everywhere, and is easy to catch

Today will be a great day, repeat that phrase to yourself until you believe it

Don’t put back your stresses, but make them a smaller part of you

Today is a new day, don’t live in the past as no one can change it

The grass only appears brighter on the other side

Take in what is around you, and you will see its unique beauty

Travel to other grasses, but always acknowledge that there is beauty in it all

Surf, ski, and bungee jump, be wild while you can

For one day, kids will come to you asking for a story,

and only if you were adventurous, will you have an interesting one to tell,

and will die with no regrets

The old say they only regret what they didn’t do

Listen, learn from that, so you don’t say the same

We all have a purpose

You mean something to someone

You are important

You are special

You are beautiful

I wrote this quickly, just poured out my thoughts.I just stare at the sunset everyday as I drive home, and just think to myself how beautiful it is. That is what inspired me to write this. Some parts are quotes, that I remember off by heart, but most is my own words! Hope you enjoyed it like I did writing it. Let me know how it is, especially as it’s my first blogged poem, and remember. Be HAPPY. SMILE.

~Ryland Horvat

6 thoughts on “Don’t be that Person

    1. Great poem Ryland. Very inspiring 🙂 You’re an incredible person!

      I hope that your trip is off to an awesome start. You’ve got a great week ahead of you.

      Love, Dad


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