An eventful, very busy time in my life! 

 Ryland Horvat  May 5, 2016

Hey all! It’s been a while, been very caught up with life. I had a huge exam called the AP Calculus AB exam today. About two weeks ago, I got back from my week trip in Ottawa which was with a program called Encounters with Canada. I’ve been working around three days a week, two of which are teaching kids. Soccer just started, which is three days a week. Busy life, but for sure been missing blogging!

A little about Encounters: Encounter with Canada is “a unique opportunity for Canadian teens to meet other young people from across the country. Spend an adventurous filled week in your nation’s capital! Check out future career options, discover your country, shares your hopes and dreams”. Encounters has many different themed career themes, my theme was Science and Ecology!

It was an amazing trip, and a I met friends from all over the country. Making a round Canada trip will be a lot more fun now when I get to that! Here is just a few photos from the trip! Our group at parliament, a beaver tail, and the Encounters with Canada Logo!

A very small group of photos at Encounters

A little about soccer: I’m on the team who for the last I think four years have gotten first place in the league! I’m on my best friend’s team (Niklas), and a few other of my friends including Tyler. We have had two games, and I’ve played defense the entire time except around fifteen inutes during which I sccored the best goal of my soccer career so far! I’ve also gotten a lot of assists. Tyler has scored a few times, and Nik’s doing well. 

Calulus Exam: Finally done it, been studying very hard for last week. The exam took around four hours to complete with only a ten minute break. The exam was timed, and was very strict. There was three sections, and after the time was up for the section, you had to stop, no exceptions. This exam is written on this day at 8 am for every single person around the world taking the course. The exam is so hard that the best mark you can get is a 5, and to get a 5, you must score 60% or higher. It was very stressful, and covered all the material of the course. Calculus is an univeristy course that is offered at our high school. I won’t know my mark till the summer, but I feel I did well. 

Work: Work is going well, have my first lesson set right now, and it’s on Mondays and Wednesdays! I teach the second highest level, two level ones, a level four, and a preschool class. Lessons are going well.

My day: Today I woke up early, studied for the calc exam a bit, and then went to school to take the exam. Four stressful hours later, and relieve flooded me as I knew I did pretty good. I headed with my friend Jong for lunch to celebrate. I went back to school for a bit for peer tutoring, and then left becasue our math teacher said we had enough math today. Headed to Avery’s nana’s for a bit, and watched sports highlights while talking with Doug (Avery’s Papa). Avery is doing a program involving exploting different jobs in forestry. She went to the sawmill, pulpmill, and nursery today. She had a great day, and her program ended at five today, so after we hung out and talked. I had soccer at 7:30, and she had work at 7 so our visit was short. Avery has been working for a single mom who works night shifts at the emergency. She takes care of two kids, and does it for around fourteen days of the month starting at 7, ending at around 7 the next morning. Soccer went great, as I scored a great goal, and we won 4-2. I then came home and hung out, relaxed having no homework for once. I blogged, then headed to bed. 

Mothers day coming up, excited to treat my mom to a great day that she deserves! Mom been feeling amazing.. For almost 3 three weeks, she has been going without sugar, dairy or wheat! She is trying something new, and is feeling awesome. Julia, my little sister is doing great, happy as can be. Avery’s papa retired, and has been kayaking, hiking, biking, and running! Doug is doing great, and just talking to him makes me excited about retiring already. Laurie (Avery’s Nana), and Rod (Avery’s dad), had there birthday last weekend and we all went for dinner. We all had a great time, and I plan to take Rod out golfing for his birthday present. Should be interesting considering I’m not good at golf at all! For Laurie, I still havent gotten her a gift as I’m unsure of what to get her. I insist on getting her one, and I will soon! Angela (Avery’s mom), just took care of a bunch of chicken eggs and hatched them. They were very fun to watch, and they are now back at the farm. She is now hatching ducks, should be interesting (Promise I’ll have photos for the ducks!). Niklas got a new vehicle which I’ll upload pictures in a following blog of. Jong is on the waiting list for UBC which is awesome. Kyle just got his N, only a year and two months late :). Gage (Avery’s brother) just joined lacrosse. A lot has happened since I last blogged!

This blog had a lot of writing, becasue there was a lot I needed to catch up on! This blog has the least amount of photos, and this won’t happen again, just havent been taking very many! I tried my best to condense it. Now that the exam is over, I will blog more, work more, start hiking more, and get back into yoga. Hope you enjoyed.

Quote of the blog: “The best part of memories, is making them”

5 thoughts on “An eventful, very busy time in my life! 

  1. Love your blog as always Ry!! So happy your exam is done! It sounds like you have an amazing Mother’s Day planned for your Mom! Have a wonderful day with everyone and wish her Happy Mother’s day from us! 🙂


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