First Canucks game, and first snowboarding day of the season

I’ve been thinking about blogging and vlogging a lot lately. With Avery and I going to Australia, I’d like to have a story to look back on, and something for friends, family, and viewers to look at! Vlogging for the moment seems unreasonable to do on our trip, as editing takes so long! I decided to do a blog today, and if all turns out well, I’ll make them for our trip!

I woke up at 9:30, in Vancouver staying with my dad and Julia, at my Uncle Dave, and Aunty Lisa’s house. The morning started with a big hug from Julia! Cypress mountain ski hill is open till 10pm, so it was great as we had the morning to relax and miss the rush hour. 

We were unable to get lessons for Julia today, but have lessons planned tomorrow. We left at 11:30, and were on the hill by 12:30. The conditions were tons of snow, and foggy on top. We all had tons of fun. Powder galore. Not many runs with jumps (atleast the ones we went on), so no cool tricks today! I did use my GoPro tho, and captured some great videos.

The skiing day ended by 5:30, as conditions were more foggy, and we had the Canucks game to go to! 
I can’t remember going to a game ever, as I was so young the last time I went. I was stoked to say the least. I’m a huge fan, know every player on the team, and follow every game. Bo horvat is my favourite player, “cousin Bo” we call him! (No actual relation known sadly). 

Maybe some far off relation? What do you think?
The game was against the L.A kings. We got front row tickets!!! Nearly sold out, so it was basically standing, front row, or high up in the front for the same price as front row! Front row it is, we said with a huge smile, and a cry was heard from the bank account. An exciting first period, in which Canucks dominated. Eriksson scored during a first-period power play, then Henrik Sedin made it 2-0 20 seconds into the second  early as the Canucks snapped a two-game losing streak.  Things started to get worse for the Canucks during the second period, and especially the final minutes of the third. The shots were 31-8 in the last two periods. Doughty, Carter, Kopitar, Pearson is a scary combo, and could make any team nervous. Ryan miller held up, making 36 saves, and got 1st star. Being front row is hilarious because you actually hear everything they say. From huge celebrations on a goal, to “FUCK ME” when they don’t score! Canucks won, and it was a blast.

Crazy loud kings fans

We skytrained back close to Lisa and Daves, and got picked up from there! They got sushi, and brought us some! Crazy hair for a crazy day. Headed to bed after that, more skiing tomorrow! 

Quote of the blog: Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough.

Dave Berry

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