The day started with a 4am wake up call, I was flying out of Kelowna and heading back to Prince George. I had to take 2 flights oddly enough, one further south to Vancouver, then north up to my hometown Prince George.

Mr. Prince George
Tried to show how excited I was to wake up at 4am, but flash caught my vulnerable eyes

When I woke up, I sorted through which stuff I needed for the next couple days and which I could leave with my dad to drive back to Prince George. The trip was to go snowboarding with my dad and aunt, as well as visit relatives like my aunt, uncle, and grandmas. Wanting to spend my last couple days with my brother before he left back to Vancouver, leaving home when I was leaving for Australia so soon, and wanting to be back for New Years all led to me hesitating a lot on going on the trip. My dad offered to fly me back for New Years, which made my decision to go. I really wanted to see my relatives, especially my two grandmas before I went so it worked out well. Snowboarding a big bonus. Overall it was a great trip, and I’m glad I went. It amazes me that you will have so many things around you, clothes, electronics, friends that you don’t use or see often, but as soon as you are going, all of that changes and all of a sudden you feel like you need everything. Packing my bag was a bit like that. “Maybe I will wear that before he comes back”, “Maybe I’ll need that”. Seconds after thinking these thoughts, my eyes opened, knowing how unnessesary it is for only a few days. For my trip to Australia, packing will be tough to say the least. 

I ate some Tim Hortons with my dad, said my goodbye, and was on my way. First security check, and I haven’t had a problem in a while, so not nervous. Although today, to my embarrassment, I broke the streak, as I had a huge pair of scissors by accident as I was using my old school bag. 

Other than the security incident, the flights were unremarkable. Slept the whole second one, and then was greeted by Avery! I missed her a lot, and was very excited to spend New Years with her and my friends! 

We drove to her house and watched the hockey game! Canada vs USA, the game Canada has won 6 years in a row. I thought Canada would win for sure, given their streak and having watched how good they were against other teams. I flicked on the T.V. a few minutes after the game had started and was startled to see Canada down 2-0. They couldn’t catch up, and the lead stayed, ending 3-1. What a dissapointment, hopefully they get to the finals and get revenge. After the game, Avery and I napped for 2 hours, and then got ready for New Years. For New Years we both invited our friends to Avery’s house and hanged out there. We watched the Canucks win, played pool, beer pong, and ate pizza. A great combo! It was an awesome night. I didn’t drink much, as last time I drank I got the flu the day after, which kinda threw me off for New Years. We tried to get scherades going, but people were distracted in their own things! That was the last time my friends and I will be together before I go. Good way to go. 2 weeks to Australia!

Happy New Years viewers!

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