An Eventful, Long Day With an Insanely Difficult Workout

This treacherous day started with my decisions last night. With my brother leaving tonight at 1145pm on the bus back to Vancouver, I wanted to stay up with him and hang out. Dylan stayed up too, and we watched movies. Dylan, if you don’t know him, is a family friend, who’s awesome! We watched White Chicks, and Hush (the second time watching Hush for me). Both fantastic movies. White girls, I thought was going to be a chick flick and had no interest, but then once it was on, I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s basically about two black men, who with makeup and wigs turn themselves into white girls, and pretend to be them. Although to the people in the movie, they look very attractive, to us viewers, every time you look at them, you can’t help but laugh as to how creepy they look. A must watch if you haven’t already. Hush is a thriller movie about a deaf woman who’s stuck in a house, with a killer on the outside toying with her, and trying to kill her. Excellent movie, as the characters are smart for the most part, so you don’t find yourself yelling at the screen “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DO THIS!!”, like in 99% of horror/thriller movies.

Anyways, back to the bad decisions. I wasn’t feeling superb. A runny nose, then stuffed up nose,  headache, sore throat. All the typical cold symptoms. But nevertheless, I decided to stay up, even though I had the plan to workout at CrossFit at 6 am. I ended up heading to bed around 12:30 when I remembered I had one more thing to do. Peanut butter and milk. For the last week, and for the following week before Australia (LEAVE IN 6 DAYS!!!!!), I plan to bulk up as much as I can. Bulking up includes eating quite a bit of food (healthy for the most part), working out six days in the week at CrossFit, and peanut butter and milk. Ten tablespoons of peanut butter, and three glasses of milk right before bed to be exact. I read it in a book one time, and it’s said to help you bulk up. I know a lot of readers will be shocked by this, but in all reality, it works. I am burning so many calories each day, with CrossFit, and teaching aquafit for my job,  that I can handle the calories of the milk and peanut butter. I also don’t eat meat, which makes this extremity very essential to my bulking up. I am a cardio man, training for marathons or triathlons usually, but just for the two weeks before Australia, I wanted to get a bit bigger so I could wear tank tops and feel 100% confident. It’s probably just in my head, but in just a week, I’m feeling a lot stronger.

In the past week, I have done the peanut butter, and milk thing at 12, woken up for 6 am Crossfit and felt great. This morning was different. I awoke at 5:30, and felt terrible. All my cold symptoms but more intense. I realized that at this point, exercising would be next to pointless. I went back to sleep and decided I would go the 9 am class. If I felt six on a scale of ten sick wise at 6 am, then at 9 am, I felt at about a 5. A little bit better, but I decided to go, knowing I would kick myself later if I didn’t. I got my shorts on and shirt and headed out the door. I frequently just wear what I want to work out to my workout, other than I wear sandals and then change into my workout gear. I don’t like the concept of putting more clothes/shoes on and making them dirty after working out, so I just suffer through the cold. I got out to the garage and am surprised not to see my car, but then remember I left it outside because I didn’t bring remote with me driving (it’s MIA atm). I open the garage door, to see it snowing hard and very windy. I close the garage door, rush to get under it, so it shuts behind me. The snow under the garage door prevented that plan, as it shot back up. I walked back into the garage freezing at this point and decided I’ll just make sure the door shuts this time and use the side door. This time the door shuts and I walked out the side door to be greeted with two and a half feet of snow. With my sandals and shorts on, I trudge through and get to the car. My legs felt like they were on fire at this point. Leg hair was of no use to warm me.

I started up the car and head on the way to Crossfit. The car was cold, but the was about 8 minutes, so I was all right. I get into CrossFit and see only one more person will be joining me (the 9 am class is usually the least busy). I was thankful that at least one person showed up as it was a partial partner WOD (Workout of the day). The lady was an excellent cross fitter but had just had a kid so wasn’t in the shape she would like to be in (still fantastic shape). I, though, looking at the partner portion was confident that we would be equal or I would be faster given that I didn’t just have a kid, and it was a mostly bodyweight workout. The partner section was the second part. The first part:

  • 4-6 dips (whole boy in air, deep dips)
  • 8-10 reverse grip pull ups.

It was 5 sets, with a 90-second break after doing both in between sets. The pull ups got a lot harder as the sets went on but overall I was feeling pretty good. The second part, the partner part like I said was:

  • Five burpees
  • Ten wall balls
  • 20 DU’s or 60 singles

The wall ball were 20 pounds for men, 14 for women. Wall balls are squats with a medicine ball in which you throw the ball up to a certainly marked point on the wall, and then 20 DU’s or 60 singles (skipping). I can’t do 20 consecutive DUs, so I stuck with 60 singles. It didn’t look bad at all until I saw it was ten sets each!!! One person is working while the other rests. I started first, and after the first round was deep breathing. After the third round, I was slowing down and was ready to quit. The other lady was still going unyielding. I guess my confidence was silly. My sickness, with the peanut butter and milk combo from the night before, had me feeling terrible. I couldn’t catch my breath, and the skipping made my stomach feel very very sick. I have only quit one time before in a WOD, and that was when I had a sickness similar to what I have now. There was no quitting today, though, as I would be giving up on not only myself but my partner. I kept going, and each set got slower and slower. Every time the skipping rope would hit my feet, stopping the 60, I would cry a little inside. I finished, though, and nearly puked a bunch of times. I am proud of myself for doing it, but I was nervous at the time that it would make my cold a lot worse and possibly impair me from teaching my cardio aquafit class later in the day.

I went back home, froze my legs again as I walked through the thick snow to get to the side of the house, and then showered off. Just as I was about to turn on the shower, I heard water running, which in my house, if water is running while the shower is on, you get scolding hot water on you. I listened carefully and realized someone else was showering; it was my brother, and he takes long showers. Standing naked, frustrated, I quickly attempted to call my brother before he got into the shower. With luck on my side, he answered and delayed showering because I was sweaty and said I’d be quick. That was an excellent shower, until a minute in, when the scalding hot water went on me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Angry, I shouted, IM IN THE SHOWER. Chest stinging, I called the house and told my mom to make sure it didn’t happen again. Soon after, the water returned to temperature, and I took a quick shower. I went downstairs, having only an apple before working out, had a protein shake. My stomach was not feeling good so I couldn’t motivate myself to eat anymore at that time. I went upstairs, did some Duolingo (I am 13% fluent in French, no big deal), and started writing my blog, as I knew if the rest of the day was anything like my morning, this day was going to be a gong show. With work at 2-7, I relaxed, wanting to make sure aI was as best as I could be for work.

I ate some bran with milk and then headed to work. Work was pretty good. It’s sad knowing that each shift will likely be my last shift with those particular coworkers. Aquafit went well. It seems that each time I get sick, I go to the pool (my job) and immediately feel better. I’m not sure if it’s the humidity or what it is, but its great. I felt 100% better. There was a lot of guarding, and then aquafit, then 15 minutes of guarding. Nothing very remarkable happened!

After work, I met up with Dylan, David, and my mom for dinner at Spice of life. The food was fantastic as always, best Indian food in town. I got the hot shahi paneer, with aloo naan (potato naan). It was spicy and delicious. Everyone really liked their meals, and the service was excellent. I know the people pretty well who work there, as I go there fairly often and one of the chefs; I taught his kid how to swim! 10/10 would recommend if you are ever in Prince George.

David and I headed home together in my car, and blasted some tunes with my new speakers! I got them a couple weeks ago because my other ones were blown. At home, I did some duo lingo, played some chess, and video games (overwatch) while watching some movies all beside my brother. Turns out, he isn’t leaving just yet. Hopefully, he doesn’t leave until after I’m gone for my mom’s sake! I ate my peanut butter and milk and was in bed at 12.

Have a great day!

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